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    Business Language Services

    Helping you communicate better 

    We deliver fast, consistent and accurate translation services to national and international clients. Cultural differences are not an issue when you can choose a native speaker to deal with them. We want you to feel confident when approaching new markets and new audiences.

    Experience and Efficiency

    With more than ten years in the business we can guarantee accuracy whether you need a proofreading of your existing web page or a technical translation of the new packing machine. We strive to interpret your message about the new product announcement with the same emotion you do.

    Genius Loci is a reliable partner fully committed to meet your business needs and deadlines.

    Based in Croatia available worldwide

    We're based in the beautiful multilingual region of Istria and thus the love for all that breaks the barriers. We can speak to the Croatian audience and you can be confident they will get the message. We're your one-stop-shop not only for Croatian, but also for Italian, Bosnian and Serbian market, and in collaboration with our contract translators and interpreters we can offer you a service in most European languages. 

    We're flexible and mobile: we can reach you on site, on your offshore platform to help with your foreign staff training or at the conference hall in Basel.

    Otherwise, just send us an e-mail with the documents that need to be translated.

  • Interpretation Services

    Never impose your language on people you wish to reach.

    Simultaneous Conference Interpreting

    International conferences, multicultural and crossborder project meetings, international management board sessions, global sales presentations, stakeholders' meetings, high-level formal meetings and a series of international events need simultaneous interpreting. Conference interpreting is performed on the spot, the interpreters work in pair of two and they interpret what the speaker is saying while they are saying it, allowing multi-lingual conferences to flow as smoothly and quickly as if they were in a single language. We're interpreting experts and happy to see the audience laughing at your jokes as if they understand the language you speak.

    Consecutive Interpreting

    You'll need consecutive interpreting service when presenting a product, introducing new service or at press conferences and short presentations in venues where technical equipment is not available. The interpreter has to listen to the discourse, or a fragment of it, and then interpret it into the target language after the speaker has finished. In order to handle large amounts of information at a time note-taking technique is essential as well as a lot of memory effort and the ability to make logical judgments regarding the speech. We're trained to deal with this.


    Whispered Interpreting

    Formal receptions, high-level meetings and dinners and all the occasions when there are only one or maximum three recipients. It is a form of simultaneous interpretation, that is done in a low voice, directly into the recipient’s ear. For this type of interpretation, the interpreter sits next to, or slightly behind, the recipient whilst whispering an interpretation of the original speech. This mode is usually only used when the use of technology is not possible due to the situation in which the interpretation is being conducted. We silently blend into the event and invisibly help to convey the message. Ssshhh.

    Liaison Interpreting

    You'll need liaison interpreting service at your B2B meetings, exhibitions, business meetings and on one-on-one meetings and negotiations. Liaison interpretation is used to facilitate understanding between two parties that speak different languages, which could be two people, an individual and a small group, or two small groups. The interpreter shares the same space as the parties involved and needs to have a perfect command of both languages to guarantee an effective communicative process.

    So, when is your next meeting?


    Medical Interpreting

    Medical interpreters work with patients in hospitals, physician's offices, clinics, during clinical trials, rehabilitation facilities, nursing homes and mental health clinics. We act as conduits between patients and medical professionals by listening to the professional and orally translating information into a patient's native language in layman's terms. The medical interpreter then translates the patient's response back to the professional, using proper medical terminology.

    During the visit, cultural misunderstandings between a professional and patient may occur. We are here to anticipate these events and try to avoid them. Interpreters also are privy to sensitive information, so they must maintain patient confidentiality at all times.


  • Translation Services

    It's time to break the language barrier

    Multilingual Translation

    You need a translation that is right first time. Whether you need to reach a new market, the colleagues worldwide, or to publish an article, we can provide a full and accurate service in most European languages. We're humans and experts in our business sector, not a sales department - so we hope you'll understand if we can't offer our services in Bengali at the moment (but perhaps we will in the future).

    What language do your customers speak? Your free quote is a click away!

    Technical Translation

    Throughout the years our team members gained broad experience and understanding of some of the most specific industry sectors: agriculture, industrial automation, EU projects, architecture, marketing, construction, fisheries, waste management and many others. As your trusted partner in the business development we can provide clear and accurate translation of your most complex documents.

    What industry sector do you work in?

    Multilingual Content Creation

    New product? New company? New web design? You need content, of course, and you need in at least four languages. Sure we can help. Translators are good at mixing the words, they know the best word combinations to touch the right chord. Good content is creative, if it doesn't sell, it is not creative enough.

    Show us what do you sell and we will provide you with tailor-made content.

    Proofreading and Transcription

    We're also available for proofreding and editing of your documents and for transcription of your audio or video material.


    Don't hesitate to contact us for advice on language matters, we're here to help. We care about you and want to see you grow and conquer new markets. We are not your service providers, we're your collaborators.

  • GL Crew

    A dedicated team of qualified translators and interpreters.

    We are not an agency, we're long-term colleagues and collaborators who have a personal approach to each project.

    In Genius Loci you will speak to the linguist who does the work, not with an account.

    Nicoletta Balija

    Founder & CEO & foodie

    A professional and dedicated interpreter with M.A. in Conference Interpreting from the University of Trieste and a postgraduate degree in PR and Business Communication. Nicoletta loves to share the passion for words both in Italian, Croatian and English, never misses a deadline and is always available for advice. She is also an entrepreneur, premium olive oil producer, food enthusiast and tireless travel-book reader.

    Vedrana Batel

    Specialised in construction industry & globetrotter

    Highly specialised in construction industry due to broad experience in the sector with a number of construction-related branches spanning from administration to excavation. Vedrana is an open-minded and accurate translator who speaks and writes consistent content and creative texts in English, French, German and Croatian. She broke the language barrier years ago when she started her globetrotting career.

  • Who they are

    We're proud to work with such wonderful Clients!

    Environment, energy and waste management. Member of ELLAKTOR Group

    Helicopter design and manufacturing company (Finemeccanica S.p.A.)

    Major contractor for oil, gas, and geothermal drilling in Italy.

    “Where hospitality meets science to improve clinical trial management”

    IBF consulting company operating since 1977 on technical assistance projects worldwide in both developing and transitional economies

    Global leader in pharmaceutical industries

    Tailor-made marketing outfits!

    Agency for rural development of Istria

    Istria County

    Supplying personnel to shipping and oil and gas industries since 1970.

    Hrvatska liječnička komora - Croatian Medical Chamber

    Italian Customs Administration

    Printing technologies

    Musical Evenings in St Donat

    Production and Industry Engineering University Courses

    Sveučilište u Zadru

    Električni materijali

    Internetional gourmet festival.

    European Employment Services

    Major Concert Hall in Croatia

    Products and services to build a healthy home 

    Vocational training, foreign languages, and profesisonal courses

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